Who We Are


Executive Director

Bay CRIJohn S. Bay became Executive Director of the Cyber Research Institute in August of 2014. He has served in numerous professional roles, including professor of electrical and computer engineering at Virginia Tech, Engineering Fellow at Raytheon, Program Manager at DARPA, and Chief Scientist of the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate.

He has a PhD in electrical engineering from the Ohio State University, and is an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to embedded systems design. He is the author of 72 publications, in diverse fields such as biomechanics, control theory, robotics, machine learning, unmanned systems, and military command and control.


The Griffiss Institute


The Cyber Research Institute is a member-based organization with a single initial member: the Griffiss Institute. The GI has a partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory to support commercialization and tech transfer, STEM activities, training events, and off-campus conferences.



The Cyber New York Alliance

CyberNYallianceThe CRI was conceived by the Cyber New York Alliance as a means to promote the technology ecosystem in New York. The CNYA was established as a 501(c)(6) organization in 2011 to proactively engage the Central New York (CNY) community, which stretches across Interstates 90 and 81 to support new initiatives that enhance the high tech footprint and create jobs in the region.


Cyber Research Institute Membership

CRI is a public and private partnership:
• Colleges and universities
• Private businesses
• Not-for-profit entities
CRI - member-based organization:
• Educational, research, and leadership opportunities available to all the members


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