CRI Services and Operations

•   Serve as a trusted, independent research laboratory through competitively-awarded research grants and contracts in partnership with participating CRI members     (Note: Classified and some sensitive work will, by law, be open only to U.S. citizens)


•   Serve the R&D community with the ability to employ and support personnel with security clearances, and to host classified facilities and equipment


•   Support the development of the workforce by facilitating regional universities in their offerings for courses, degree programs, and graduate research opportunities


•   Organize workshops to address Air Force technical challenges as well as national defense and industrial cybersecurity priorities, such as in banking, health care, industrial controls systems, cyber crime, financial markets, and homeland security


•   Provide unbiased subject-matter expertise for strategic research, planning, and program development

Cyber Research Institute Membership

CRI is a public and private partnership:
• Colleges and universities
• Private businesses
• Not-for-profit entities
CRI - member-based organization:
• Educational, research, and leadership opportunities available to all the members


Contact Us

+1 (315) 356-2686

Rome, NY

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