Cyber Research Institute Mission

The goal of Cyber Research Institute is to promote partnerships that leverage the federal, state and private training, research, development, demonstration and technology transfer resources to:
  • Protect the integrity of cyber-based infrastructure
  • Facilitate the transfer of cyber technology to effective market applications
  • Establish and foster a sustainable program that will grow the cyber-based economy in New York State
  • Expand the region's cyber-based workforce
  • Promote New York State as the leader in Public/Private Sector collaboration in cyber-based research and protection

Cyber Research Institute Membership

CRI is a public and private partnership:
• Colleges and universities
• Private businesses
• Not-for-profit entities
CRI - member-based organization:
• Educational, research, and leadership opportunities available to all the members


Contact Us

+1 (315) 356-2686

Rome, NY

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